Entity is an interactive digital mandala projection that allows the audience to “offer” words via an on-site plinth. A custom search engine then uses these words to search for images and bring them into the Mandala form, creating something new every time.

The work explores the notion of the Mandala as a sustainable spiritual teaching tool, a way of establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and reflection. It also references the common generic notion of the Mandala as a representation or microcosm of the universe.

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What a fool.

Wai Horotiu
Jeff Smith

The Waihorotiu stream was covered over and put underground by the urbanisation of the Queen Street gully over a hundred years ago. Māori stories tell us that the stream was home to Horotiu, a taniwha. This work is a call to Horotiu to help uncover and restore the stream as the centrepiece of Auckland city. To reconnect to nature, make visible what is under the concrete, and to see the stream once again as a taonga.

Tūrama Cinema
Māoriland Film Festival

Māoriland Film Festival is Aotearoa’s international indigenous film festival. MFF welcomes indigenous filmmakers from around the world to Ōtaki each March to celebrate indigenous creativity and storytelling in film. The selection of films presented at Tūrama come from Aotearoa, Guam, Canada, America, and Sápmi.

i Hinano-ta
Moa Ma Le Pinko
Birds in the Earth
KHU.ÉEX’ - Shell No


What will you see in your reflection? Look a little deeper into the infinite and explore the other-wordly offering of Reflection Perception; an interdimensional interactive visual experience.

Jamie Berry, Pikihuia Haenga, Leala Faleseuga &
Te Kahureremoa Taumata

To karanga is to call, call in the ancestors, call in the people. To karanga is to connect, locate in place and time, to exchange and to ground. A karanga can be visualised like an unbroken rope, the breath is constant, it activates the spaces between past, present and future, binding them all in one moment, it grows stronger with each layer and contribution. This metaphor is mirrored in the structure of our DNA, and how it too stretches beyond us both into the past and into the future. To karanga is to take this unbroken rope, wield it to connect, to bind, to ground, to call us home. ‘Karanga’ has been contributed to by a collective of Mana Wahine from Aotearoa, resulting in a collaborative audio-visual work that brings pieces of Aotearoa and Moana Nui a Kiwa to attention.

Perceptual Engineering

The Pentakis is a combination of physical, light and sound sculpture, drawing it’s inspiration from sacred geometries and portals into new dimensions. Created in collaboration with Weta, it went on the road around NZ with Rhian Sheehan for his 2018 tour.

Tree of Light
Perceptual Engineering

There are many layers to all living things, this tree projection reveals a layer of energy not readily seen by many humans.

Sync TV

BOXED is playing with a dystopian NZ seen from the retro-future.

For engagement, future children watch what nature was like through the ages.

A column of CRT screens shows Aoteroa from day one in all its beauty. Over time, our images of Aotearoa deteriorate while our plastic child watches on

Stella Bieringa & Charlie Draper

Bloom is an interactive projection installation, a display of floral blossoms activated by a gathering audience.

Participants are invited to engage with the work, awakening the canvas and inducing growth. The more participants engage, the more that the installation is filled with bright, bold new floral life.

In a climate of unease and divisive media, bloom is a digital gesture towards the potential that unity can produce.

A Brief Encounter
Dance Plant Collective

Choreographed by Dance Plant Collective’s Tui Hofmann, A Brief Encounter is a commentary on human existence. Drawing inspiration from the statues within Albert Park, it closely examines human relationships, weaving between the investigation of simply living, sentience and the impermanence of mankind. Like time in constant motion, A Brief Encounter is an ever-changing movement poetry, showcasing human connection, lit from within.

This work has been created by Dance Plant Collective in collaboration with dancers Bella Wilson, Kit Reilly, Terry Morrison, Emma Cosgrave, Ariana Hond, and Villa Junior Lemanu.

Lady De Vil

Firefly is a new performance art piece by Lady De Vil.

It tells the story of the beauty and intensity of embracing the fire within in times of darkness when the world is most cold. The fire brings energy and light into the heart and soul of the one who embraces it. Inspired by ancient pagan rituals, the fire eventually consumes itself and the world is returned to the shadows.

Cameron May

Labyrinth is a synthetic vortex, a rotating sculpture distorted by light. It is an example of a stroboscopic Zoetrope, a device that creates the illusion of motion. Programmed lights strobe the surface at varying frequencies, endlessly mutating the form and disrupting the illusion.

Negative Space

Reach is the immersive entrapment of high powered light beams, creating a walkway of ever changing environmental walls.

Tā Waha
Tash Nikora

This work investigates customary practices, tools and techniques through an exploration of lashing associated with the tools of tā moko. As a tā moko practitioner I am tasked with maintaining the art form amidst its’ burgeoning resurgence and revitalisation. Through the binding of lashing, I connect to the art of tā moko past, present and future.

Musical Chairs
Simon Watts

Take a seat and create a beat - each chair triggers its own musical layer and LED under-glow. The more chairs occupied, the more musical layers will sound in unison. Perform your own instrumentation by chair-hopping.

Musical Chairs is an audience-activated lighting and sound, interactive art installation. Through the language of music with the help of sensor technology, participants challenge their musical compositional creativity by engaging first-hand with the art installation as well as with their fellow ‘performers’. All of Musical Chairs' soundtrack variations are original compositions.

Kaitiaki Birds
Ash Turner

The Kaitiaki birds are the Tūrama festival guardians of the night. We thought them extinct until recently but found their nest! Apparently they have lived in the park for years in secret watching people’s comings & goings. We managed to coax them out of hiding for this event but you’ll need to be careful to see them. Inspired by the paintings of Bill Hammond & the extinct Huia, these birds of the night were created for a scene in a NZ film (that was never shot). Tread quietly and look in the trees. If you’re lucky you might see their shimmery beauty.

Aaron Cleland, Marlo San Miguel, and Claudine Nalesu

For thousands of years people have been fascinated by seasonal change, erecting monuments and celestial sites that celebrate these events. Aucklanders experience multiple weather changes, as if going on a journey through all the seasons in one day. ‘Monolithic’ is a physical portal that lets people interact and explore the four seasons through body movement, in a fun and accessible way.

Joseph Michael

HŌPARA leads viewers on a journey through the depths of NZ’s ancient Kauri forest.

A dual screen sequence, allows the audience to delve into the forest and discover the hidden depths of our most sacred sites using point cloud scan data imagery from Tane Mahuta and other significant sites of the Waipoua forest.


HEX is an interactive projection and sound experience of prime proportions.
Bring HEX to life by composing your own geometric spectacle. Featuring original music by Gene Kennedy

Te Rangimārie
by J
eff Smith & Paul Baragwanath

Te Rangimārie is a soundscape work woven from online messages of peace in many different languages. Everyone is invited to record a message of peace online. The messages are subsequently composed into the work and replayed in surround sound. The power of community is paramount in this work, everyone's voice is heard.

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The Tide is High
Cut Collective & Jasper Middleton

The Tide Is High is a collaborative artwork by Jasper Middleton, Cut Collective, and Novii. The original iteration of this work featured the architect’s penchant for clean lines, precise angles and sense of space grazing up against the collective’s whimsical yet gritty vernacular. Reimagined and refined for Tūrama and featuring contributions from a new collaborative partner, The Tide Is High is an interactive sculptural work questioning and challenging our ability to navigate a faceted and sometimes fractured world.

The sculpture balances complexity with simplicity while creating a transitional space for the audience to move through. In doing so we are offered a myriad of angles and viewpoints to consider, to contemplate, to choose.

It is these choices; how we behave, if we respond, who we support, what we defy, when we act that directly inform our reality and our place within it when the tide is high and we’re holding on.

Fire Tree
Puck Murphy & Conrad Wedde

Spark from which the flame is born,
Melts the ice and keeps us warm.
Ancestors breathe within the glow,
Stoke the fire before you go.

Fortune Fountain
Puck Murphy & Conrad Wedde

Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows.
... Make a wish , see how it goes!
All wishes donated to charity.

Pedal Power
Liam Van Der Werff

Pedal fast... Pedal slow... watch as the trees begin to glow! The faster you go the more they grow!

Pedal Power is an interactive light work by Liam van der Werff which uses the riders kinetic energy to control the installation. Watch the trees in front of you become illuminated as you pedal faster and faster. There are 10 levels… can you light them all?