Ash Turner

Ash Turner is an artist and designer interested in re-defining experiences of space and time. His light sculptures and installations have featured in many festivals in NZ and abroad.

A pioneering proponent of out-door light festivals he directed the Gleem Festival in 2005. When not working in the realm of public art he can be found art directing and designing film sets.

Kaitiaki Birds

The Kaitiaki birds are the Tūrama festival guardians of the night.
We thought them extinct until recently but found their nest!

Apparently they have lived in the park for years in secret watching people’s comings & goings.

We managed to coax them out of hiding for this event but you’ll need to be careful to see them. Inspired by the paintings of Bill Hammond & the extinct Huia, these birds of the night were created for a scene in a NZ film (that was never shot).

Tread quietly and look in the trees. If you’re lucky you might see their shimmery beauty.