Claudine Nalesu,
Marlo San Miguel &
Aaron Cleland

Claudine uses emerging technologies with her artistic background to create captivating interactive art installations that engage audiences through educating, reflecting, or challenging different topics. One of her most successful art installations, ‘Mindfulness’, reflects on the effect of one's actions on others through the use of fiber optics illuminating when touched. 

Marlo is interested in how visual and interactive experiences can lead to interesting outcomes for communicating an idea or a message. His most recent interactive installation, Big Gay Play, was created to promote new alternative tools for safe gay sex at the Big Gay Out 2019. 

Aaron is passionate about using interactive technology to engage with people in new ways. He currently works at Big Picture providing LED screens and video projection systems for live events. He was involved in the design and creation of Adventuary, a children’s playspace that encourages open-ended play.


For thousands of years people have been fascinated by seasonal change, erecting monuments and celestial sites that celebrate these events.

Aucklanders experience multiple weather changes, as if going on a journey through all the seasons in one day.

‘Monolithic’ is a physical portal that lets people interact and explore the four seasons through body movement, in a fun and accessible way.