Cut Collective

The Cut Collective is a group of artists working within a collaborative framework to create public art. Established in 2006 they have worked extensively in the commercial art space while self producing their own exhibitions, public art projects, and events.

Jasper Middleton

Jasper Middleton is a senior architect and urban designer based in London. He has a personal and professional interest in public spaces and is currently the project architect and master-plan team leader for a major regeneration project in central London.

The Tide is High

The Tide Is High is a collaborative artwork by Jasper Middleton, Cut Collective, and Novii.

The original iteration of this work featured the architect’s penchant for clean lines, precise angles and sense of space grazing up against the collective’s whimsical yet gritty vernacular.

Reimagined and refined for Tūrama and featuring contributions from a new collaborative partner, The Tide Is High is an interactive sculptural work questioning and challenging our ability to navigate a faceted and sometimes fractured world.

The sculpture balances complexity with simplicity while creating a transitional space for the audience to move through. In doing so we are offered a myriad of angles and viewpoints to consider, to contemplate, to choose.

It is these choices; how we behave, if we respond, who we support, what we defy, when we act that directly inform our reality and our place within it when the tide is high and we’re holding on.