Yoko Zuna (Jazz Jam)

Formed out of the ashes from one of Auckland’s most musically-creative hubs, Yoko-Zuna have in two short years established themselves as one of the most exciting acts in New Zealand. With their combination of unique electronic and hip-hop compositions, and a live show which is rarely bettered, Yoko-Zuna is an act with talent to burn. Overt the years Yoko has performed all over New Zealand including performances at Rhythm and Vines, Northern Bass, Splore, Soundsplash and Homegrown festivals and at Australia's Big Sound Festival in Brisbane. Yoko-Zuna are currently working on their next release, stepping out briefly to play a improvised jazz infused set at Turama Festival.

Timothee Nolier (DJ Set)

Jazz-funk, Hip hop, and everything Groovy, these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect disk jockey.
The very same ingredients, it turns out, that you acquire after having a career in the music industry spanning nearly a decade. From numerous national tours with blues rock trio - Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, to playing jazz clubs in China, fashion shows, house parties, Club nights and everything in between! Combine the above with a heavy dose of unhinged, infectious energy and you will probably find Timothee Nolier behind the decks.
Playing a huge range that promises to take the listeners on a journey through Tim’s mind and musical history it’s a sure hit with any crowd.

Ed Zuccollo

Introducing New Zealand based keyboardist and producer, Ed Zuccollo. Ed is the keys player for Trinity Roots, Flite, and Tyson Smith, and has done session recording for artists from Thomas Oliver to Mel Parsons, and Electric Wire Hustle to Hollie Smith. His range and knowledge of vintage and classic keyboard instruments, synthesisers and effects make him versatile and unique in the performance and session recording industry.

Hama McNeill

Hama McNeill couldn’t grow a mushroom, but somehow he keeps ending up on stages around the world. This time round he’s off the decks and has picked up a guitar.

The extraordinary Claudia Paine will be opening. She’s doing the heavy lifting in this gig.

‘Hama has good posture.’ (Edz74, 1994).

‘Didn’t he fail at stand-up? All he’s done is add a guitar.’ (Mum, 2019).

Dylan C



5:00pm - Ed Zuccollo
6:00pm - Hama McNeill
7:00pm - The Saxobros
8:00pm - Yoko Zuna (Jazz Jam)
9:00pm - Dylan C

Saturday / Sunday

5:00pm - Timothee Nolier (DJ Set)
6:00pm - Hama McNeill
7:00pm - The Saxobros
8:00pm - Yoko Zuna (Jazz Jam)
9:00pm - Dylan C