Simon Watts

Simon Watts is a full-time artist who has recently returned from five years touring with long-running West-End theatre show ‘STOMP’.

Since returning to home soil, Simon has been using technology to create interactive work as well as performance pieces. Art in the form of rhythm, dance, music, visual and lighting have been central elements in Simon's life from day dot and continue to be his key sources of inspiration.

Musical Chairs

Take a seat and create a beat - each chair triggers its own musical layer and LED under-glow.

The more chairs occupied, the more musical layers will sound in unison. Perform your own instrumentation by chair-hopping.

Musical Chairs is an audience-activated lighting and sound, interactive art installation.
Through the language of music with the help of sensor technology, participants challenge their musical compositional creativity by engaging first-hand with the art installation as well as with their fellow ‘performers’.

All of Musical Chairs’ soundtrack variations are original compositions.

Musical Chairs at Splore

Musical Chairs at Splore