Stella Bieringa &
Charley Draper

Stella Bieringa is a conceptual designer working across film, photography, textiles and video installations.

Charley Draper is a New Zealand Filmmaker and Projection Designer.

He has produced projection designs for companies including Auckland Arts Festival, New Zealand Festival, Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School, Capital E: National Theatre for Children, Circa Theatre and Footnote Dance Company. Charley works across independent short film and music video projects, working as a Director, Cinematographer and Editor.


Bloom is an interactive projection installation, a display of floral blossoms activated by a gathering audience.

Participants are invited to engage with the work, awakening the canvas and inducing growth. The more participants engage, the more that the installation is filled with bright, bold new floral life.

In a climate of unease and divisive media, bloom is a digital gesture towards the potential that unity can produce.