Established in 2010, Storybox is an award-winning boutique creative studio that specialises in finding innovative ways to connect with audiences. Through engaging storytelling methods we connect with people to tell meaningful stories. We love making cool things happen, be it a first person narrative immersive App, creating TVC’s that get seen internationally, putting 27 shipping containers down in the CBD of Singapore, getting sprayed in colour, lighting up a building or making wild things come to life.

Alongside our bespoke consulting and mentoring services, we make magic happen with video, digital and spatial installations, arts festivals, and campaigns.

Our results speak for themselves but don’t take our word for it - we’re proud of our unique portfolio available at


Entity is an interactive digital mandala projection that allows the audience to “offer” words via an on-site plinth. A custom search engine then uses these words to search for images and bring them into the Mandala form, creating something new every time.

The work explores the notion of the Mandala as a sustainable spiritual teaching tool, a way of establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and reflection. It also references the common generic notion of the Mandala as a representation or microcosm of the universe.

Entity in Portugal

Entity in Portugal